Dr. Diane L. Krasner
Wound & Skin Care Consultant

Dr. Diane L. Krasner
Wound & Skin Care Consult


Downloadable Resources from Dr. Krasner 

Dr. Krasner offers the following resources for your perusal:

Chronic Wound Pain Experience (CWPE)

- The Chronic Wound Pain Experience Model 1995
- Managing Chronic Wound Pain Presentation 2007

Why Wound Care?

Resources for 

Nursing Students, Nursing Graduates & Nursing Faculty,

Medical Students & Residents,

Practicing Clinicians

(No charge)

Go to www.whywoundcare.com

Chronic Wound Care: The Essentials e-Book

Edited by Diane L. Krasner & Lia van Rijswijk

HMP 2018

Official e-book of the Why Wound Care Campaign

Available to read free at www.whywoundcare.com

Join us for the Second  Post-Acute Care Symposium in San Diego,

May 15 & 16, 2020